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Custom Cabinets by Wieser

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Laundry Rooms

Isn't it time to revamp your laundry room? Custom cabinets will give you a place to store your detergents and cleaning supplies off the counter. With your supplies off your counter, you will have additional counter space to give you room to fold your clothes. Add a pole to comfortably hang clothes as they come out the dryer or, hang hand washed items up to dry.

Laundry Room Built-Ins

Custom cabinets can be built to house your washer, dryer, baskets, hampers and ironing board. Built-ins can raise appliances to a comfortable height to save your back. Imagine all your appliances disappearing behind cabinet doors. Have us install pull out hampers to hide dirty clothes and allow for laundry sorting.

Contact us to discuss organizer options for your laundry room.

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